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Managerial Communications


Internal Business Communication

For this week’s discussion assignment, find an internal communication document (this could be e-mail, newsletter, or other internal means of communicating with staff) that you have seen either in your current organization or another organization that you are familiar with.

Based on your analysis of the chosen business document, complete the following tasks:

  • Post the document as an attachment.
  • Provide a one paragraph summary at the beginning of your initial post detailing who the intended audience is for this document as well as what the intended message is.

Then, choose one of the following bullet points.

  • Rewrite the document in your own words using the different concepts that you learned about written communication in Week 1 and Week 2 of the course. Post your rewritten document to the discussion as well. Provide a one paragraph summary note that details at least two principles or concepts (with research citation support) that you used for re-writing the document
  • Assess any problems that you see in the business document, using research to support your conclusions. Compose a succinct paragraphing detailing the importance of effective written communication both as an individual and as a team member. For example:
    • What are the advantages to good communication?
    • Why are there so many communication problems within an organization when it is such an important aspect of a successful organization?

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