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Marketing Essay.

This essays is kind of short essays, so it’s OK only 1-2 paper.

And it should be done before 8 hours.

The three concepts from Chapters 10-11 are:

Sentiment mining
Augmented product
Brand dilution
(If you’re quoting the textbook or any other source, please provide a reference: author, title, page number and or URL)

Illustrate each concept with an example that is grounded in YOUR life and that connects with the other examples, linking the three concepts together.

Draw on examples that recall an experience you had in a shop or online, an observation you made at work, a story you heard from a friend about their work, or a plausible scenario of your own creation (if you’re drawing on your imagination, let the professor know that you’re creating your own scenario in a footnote, endnote or a parenthetical comment in the body of the essay) etc.

The broad outlines of this assignment are meant to accommodate your diverse life experiences and imagination.

Writing style: you can write in academic prose, or in the form of a news article or press release. Make sure however that your essays contain a definition of the concepts and illustrate each concept with an example that explore links or connections between the concepts.

(Please, don’t be PLAGIARISM. He has the system of checking it. And could you please be kind enough and write the essay by a strong conclusion that ties the concepts together? And I also attached which is considered very good essays the professor thinks. Thank you.)

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