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Marketing Plan Project


The Marketing Plan should be written in Standard APA style, with double-spacing used. Grammar, spelling and word usage are a part of your grade. 

Final Course Project: Marketing Plan 

This assignment requires you to perform the following:

  1. Select a product or service for which you would like to      develop a marketing plan. This may      be a business idea you may have thought about in the past. Do not select a product or service that      is currently on the market. 
  2. The plan should be no      less than 17 pages in length NOT including your title page,      reference page(s), attachments, and appendices.  Use Standard APA style, double-spacing. Grammar, spelling and usage are a part      of the grade. All reference citations to source material must follow guidelines      provided in the course materials. Your reference citations must be noted in the body of      your discussion so I can determine what information was derived from what      specific outside source

Provide at least five (5) outside references (other than the textbook or Wikipedia) you think would be applicable to support your Marketing Plan Project.


II. Suggested Marketing Plan Outline Option

1. Title Page

2. Executive Summary

3. Table of Contents

4. Introduction (Context)

5. Situational Analysis (including SWOT, market research, etc.)(Very important SWOT analysis)

6. Marketing Planning (including objectives, product/service, targeting, positioning, pricing, etc.)

7. Implementation & Control of the Marketing Plan (including logistics, personnel, facilities, etc.)

8. Summary

9. Appendices (including Financial Plan – 3 years)

10. References

The primary question to ask is: If I presented this proposal to an SBA Loan officer (or my Board of Directors), would he/she/they be likely to approve this business venture (for-profit or non-profit)?

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