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mkt 376 Briefs – Dale Carnegie Brief

mkt 376 Briefs – Dale Carnegie Brief

there are some  request for Dale Carnegie Brief and example.


 Brief Two—How to Win Friends and Influence People


Here’s what you’ll do


Write a Brief on two techniques that you learned by reading How to Win Friends and Influence People. For each of the two techniques or principles you select, give two examples of how you’ve observed it in action in your life or in things you’ve read.



Reader The reader may be a family member, friend, supervisor, or colleague.



The Brief: Here’s how you’ll be graded


Your Brief’s grade is based on four criteria:


1.  The scope, i.e., the number of factors cited explaining the two techniques you found useful.

2.  The rigor, i.e., the depth of analysis of each factor. How well you explain the idea: how it works and why it works.

3.  Strict adherence to formatting standards including: Motivation Sentence, Subheads, Masthead, typestyle, margins, white space, illustrations (if any), and bullets.

4.  The examples’ utility in illustrating Carnegie’s principles.


Page length



Two pages Each Brief may be up to two pages long. While this Brief writing assignment is designed to mimic business Brief writing, it has a second objective: to demonstrate the scope and depth of the knowledge you gained in this course. Thus, this Brief exceeds the one-page business Brief standard.

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