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Ajax Digital Information has encountered some recent employee problems that would have been prevented with a proper code of computer conduct and ethics in place.  They have hired you to develop the rules and guidelines for internal and external corporate communications, specifically focused on the technology usage within the organization.

As part of your responsibility, you now have to develop a detailed code of ethics for the organization covering general aspects of ethical computing in the first week and then go on to develop rules and guidelines in all the areas that would be covered in the lectures during each subsequent week.

For this assignment, you must include the following:

  • A purpose statement for the code of ethics, including why it is needed and why it is beneficial to both the organization and the employees
  • A Table of Contents or list of topics that you will complete and fill-in during subsequent weeks. This should be an outline that you feel addresses all of the necessary ethical topics – you can change this as you progress but this should be a substantial effort to encompass all of the necessary areas. Look at the Final Project document found in DocSharing and at the topics covered throughout the course on the Readings and Assignments page to get ideas for your Table of Contents.

Continuing with the scenario from Week 1, refer to this week’s lecture and reading assignments to develop detailed guidelines for prevention and control of computer abuse and guidelines for computer and network usage within the organization.  Be sure to incorporate the feedback from your instructor in the revision of the report for this week.

·       You should use this information to revise the topical outline and add content to the areas that are covered by the week’s lecture, including ethical considerations of resource use and prevention of the spread of malware.  In addition to prevention, you need to outline what should happen when a malware infection or attack occurs.  Employees should have a definitive guide for how to address such issues as they arise.

·       Include the government laws and regulations that you learned about in your reading which would impact the business operations and policies. You can incorporate this into the relevant sections of your document or add a new section to address these regulations. This should include the employee’s rights and the organization’s responsibilities related to the applicable laws and regulations.

·       Continuing with the scenario from Week 2 you now have to develop another set of guidelines for accessing content from the Internet and communicating (e-mail) over the Internet as well as guidelines for the protection against viruses and other forms of malware.

·       Ajax Digital Information has hired you to develop the rules and guidelines for internal and external corporate communications. Be sure to study the topics in the lectures and readings this week to complete the appropriate sections of the ethics and guidelines document you are constructing.

·       Revise the topical outline as necessary to maintain a logical organization of topics that is easy for an employee to read and comprehend.  Be sure to modify your document with any feedback from your instructor from the previous weeks.

Part 2: Plan Implementation and Training

·       Post your document to the discussion thread and, in the post portion, describe a plan to implement your guidelines within Ajax Digital Information.  This should involve a timeline for introducing the code of ethics and guidelines to employees, establishing responsibility for the rollout and supervision of the training component as well as a plan for monitoring compliance with the code and guidelines once they are in place.  Submit this portion of your assignment to this Discussion Area byMonday, November 30, 2015.

Develop guidelines for your organization for the following items:

  • usage of licensed software
  • shareware policies
  • software piracy rules and consequences

·       Continuing with the scenario from Week 4, you now need to develop guidelines relating to privacy in the workplace and workplace monitoring. Consider how the organization will track compliance with the policies and what must be disclosed to employees for this to be acceptable practice.

·       Develop guidelines for professional responsibilities in the organization related to identifying and resolving ethical issues in IT.  This should include consequences of violation of the established policies, an appeals process, and a contact person within the organization for any questions regarding this.  You should identify that there will be no discrimination based upon reporting ethical violations and where employees can report these anonymously.

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

Listed the privacy guidelines at the workplace.


Listed the guidelines for workplace monitoring.


Listed the guidelines for professional responsibilities in an organization.


Summarize the evolution of the document and what you have learned creating this document.


Delivered completed Code of Ethics for Ajax Digital Information as one professionally formatted Word document to theDropbox.


Submitted a Word document that meets the assignment requirements and cited sources correctly and in appropriate APA style.








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