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Need this by Sunday 6/6 2021

Need this by Sunday 6/6 2021

In 1969, Fred Rogers spoke in front of a Senate Committee to try to save funding for his kids’ show on public television, “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.”  The head of the committee, Senator John Pastore, was tired of listening to speeches and grumpy.  However, Fred Rogers wisely got very specific about his views on children’s needs and how his show filled those needs.  He even tells Senator Pastore all the words of a song from his show. Pastore melted, and the clip of Rogers’ triumph has become famous. Watch Rogers win over Pastore here.

  1. tells me and your classmates why you believe Senator Pastore was convinced by Rogers’ talk 
  2. tells me and your classmates if you think Fred Rogers made good communication choices when talking to Pastore

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