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Powerpoint due !!!!

Powerpoint due !!!!


As the first notable work of cyberpunk fiction, Neuromancer creates a “feeling of transformed reality, where a new vocabulary is required to describe how perception itself has been changed by computers” (Mullan, 2014). 

Many readers struggle with Gibson’s descriptions, and many are lost because of his vocabulary.  Your challenge is to create a mini-guide, using Gibson’s descriptions and vocabulary, to introduce new readers to the novel.

In a 10-slide PowerPoint presentation plus title and reference slides, share a few of Gibson’s descriptions, and try to complement them with images that bring them to life for your audience. Review pp. 10-12 in The College Writer to help you think more critically about how imagery can be used to communicate.  In the notes section for each slide, explain why you chose the descriptions and the images.  For those slides detailing the vocabulary, provide definitions in the notes sections. 

This is your chance to be creative.  Also, if you have been struggling with the novel, this exercise may help you gain a deeper appreciation for the world Gibson creates through his use of description. 


Mullan, J. (2014).  John Mullan on William Gibson’s Neuromancer – Guardian book club.  The Guardian.  Retrieved from


  • 10 slides + title slide and references slide (include an APA citation for the novel and any resources you use)
  • Keep in mind Kawasaki’s 10-20-30 rule (Links to an external site.); do not crowd a slide with too much text.  Avoid sharing entire paragraphs from the novel.
  • For each slide other than the title and reference slides, provide author notes.  Each slide note should have a minimum of one well-developed paragraph, demonstrating what we have covered this week regarding paragraph structure.  Grammar and spelling count!
  • Have fun with this project!  It is your chance to lend your interpretation of the novel and to be creative.

Assignment Submission

  • Upload your PowerPoint file to Canvas.

Assignment Requirements Based on the Course Level

Assignment Type                     Course Level100Research Paper (text) Minimum
500 wordsNumber of APA Citations1Essay or Written Answers (text) Minimum
500Number of APA CitationsvaryPresentation (notes, text & slides with graphics) Minimum
10 slidesPPT number of APA citations and/or Author notes per assignment

APA Help

  1. Please, review APA style formatting requirements for APA Academic Papers: Purdue Owl: APA 7th Edition, General Format (Links to an external site.) 

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