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Practicum Final Report


Professional Practicum Final Report –   7 pages 

Describe the results of the project:

· Accomplishment of goals

· Team efforts

· What worked? What didn’t?

· Evaluation from stakeholder point of view

· Supervisor Evaluation and Feedback

· Next Steps

Reflecting on the project: “My personal-best leadership project”

· How did you assess your progress during the project? What criteria did you use?

· Who else besides you evaluated your success? How did they measure it?

· How well did you meet the project goals? 

· How well did your project goals meet your expected time frame? The budget?

· What aspects of your project proved to be frustrating or difficult?

· What surprised you along the way?

· Write down several adjectives that describe how you feel about the project now?

· How do your current feelings compare to how you felt at the beginning of the project? What’s changed: What’s the reason for any change?

· Overall, what have you learned about leadership that is new? What have you learned about yourself?

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