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Promotional Mix (For Prof Xavier Only)

Promotional Mix (For Prof Xavier Only)

Promotion is a form of communication used to inform and persuade consumers of a product or service. It is also a part of the marketing mix of the business. Promotional strategies include personal selling, advertising, including through the use of the internet and social media, and sales promotion tools.

For this assignment, you will conduct a survey on the promotional plan of a product or service from a business of your choice, then write a report of your findings. Your report should be a minimum of 500 words. You may also use the same business you chose for the previous assignment. Follow the steps below to complete this assignment:

  • Use the following questions to guide your report.
    1. What form of promotional mix did this business use?
    2. What are the communication process of your chosen business? Describe in detail its communication process: message, channel, and receiver. 
    3. What is the makeup of this business: nonperson, personal special forms of communication technique aimed at a target market?
    4. How was the functionality of the website (of your chosen business)? Did you find the website easy to use and navigate? Was it user friendly? 
    • Provide the web address of the business on which you conducted the survey.
    • Describe the functionality of the website. 
    • Provide suggestions if it was not user friendly.
  • Follow APA guidelines for citing your sources and references.

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