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Reflection Essay on a documentary

the essay is going to be about my grandfather Abass, and here is a documentary about him , 8-10 pages double space MLA. you can add any info you would like just watch the movie and try to make it to 8-10 pages

Reflection Essay 8-10 Pages


This short reflective is for you to place your elder within a larger historical context.


Revised guidelines 


1.      Introduce your interviewee and relevance in your life or family’s life.

2       Reflect on what you discovered from the interview and about your family.

3        1 or 2 academic resources including books or journal essays (no Internet resources)

          You use the academic resources to research something that your interviewee tells you.

          Example:  If your interviewee tells you, your great grandfather was in WWII.  You could include and academic resource on WWII.


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