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Refund Policy

We appreciate the trust levied to us by our customers to produce high-quality work that matches instructions given, including deadline submissions. However, if, due to any reasons, we fail to adhere to the quality, deadline, or instructions as discussed, you are entitled to a refund policy. This deposit and refund policy page discusses the details of the policy, including the circumstances that may warrant a full or partial policy.

We take refund requests seriously and apologize in advance if you must file a refund claim for any fault that is our own. We first assess and review each query. After all the conditions are satisfied, we activate the refund protocols.

Nonetheless, we also reserve the right to sometimes deviate from the policy to favor you as our client because we understand that not all circumstances are the same, and your specific scenario may not be covered in this policy.

According to our refund policy, these are the circumstances that you are entitled to refunds:

  • No task in progress. If you requested work and no writer has been assigned, and there is no progress of work, you are entitled to a 100% deposit and refund policy. You must use your page to claim back the deposit. From the personal page, scroll to the refund option selection.
  • You decide to cancel the order after a writer was already assigned to your paper. The protocol followed when a writer is already assigned is a reserve of the deposit made. This is a scenario where you could receive a 100% or a partial refund based on the progress of work completed by the writer.
  • Late deadline submission. If a deadline is missed by our writer, we offer a partial refund. However, if the late submission is due to a writer waiting for further instructions from the client, then a refund is not guaranteed. These cases are unique, and discussions and agreements are made with the client.
  • Quality of work. Most of our work is submitted in stages to ensure the writers are on track. An order is considered approved once the client approves the quality of work. Refunds requests after quality approval by you are not accepted.

You can reach out to our contact support if your situation is not described above.

Refund processing

Once you have initiated the refund claim and it is confirmed by our team, processing begins. This takes 3-6 business days. Note that we are not liable for an additional bank charge, processing duration, and any related bank service issue. Additionally, the original mode of payment is the same one used to return refund funds.

Unclaimed Deposit Balance

It is important to claim the balance in your accounts that haven’t been used within a year.

Once we notice inactivity in your account after 250 days since you were last active, we send a reminder warning for you to claim the balance. We give an allowance of three months after the reminder warning for you to claim the funds or use them to access any of our services. We annul the balance after the lapse of 365 days, and the funds are still unclaimed or not used.

There are exceptions to restore this balance only in specific cases. Contact support to establish if your case fits in this category.

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