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Regional Studies MidEast

Regional Studies MidEast





RST 2910 “The Middle East”




“Essay on Space and Gender in Dreams of Trespass




Choose one question:




1.    Describe the physical, architectural ways hudud are manifested in the narrator’s home and outside of the home.  You may want to consider Fatima’s home and the ways men and women are separated, such as where people eat, sleep, entertain, as well as in places outside of the home.












2.    What does the author mean by claiming: “The frontier is in the minds of the powerful.”? (p. 3) How do powerful figures find ways to impose these hudud and qa’ida (rules)? How is this separation motivated by fear? Discuss how fear leads the French to impose separation between themselves and the Moroccans, between men on women, and between women? What do the French, men and some women in the novel believe will happen if frontiers and rules are not upheld?  






The book name is; Dreams of Trespass


  • Use 12 Times New Roman Font
  • double–space with one inch margins
  • 5-7 pages
  • staple (deductions for not stapling)
  • Paginate
  • Provide your full name and title of assignment in a title page. Include the course designation and the time and date of the class.
  • Cite quotes in parenthesis, such as “But since then, looking for the frontier has become my life’s occupation.” (p. 3)

I have attach an outline for question number 2 if that will help you.
its due after 10 hours from now.


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