Review and Analyze the Financial Performance of a Company


As you get ready to review and analyze the financial performance of the company you work for in Project Two, it would be helpful to analyze another company and learn from their business model, especially related to corporate social responsibility (CSR), sustainability, and activism.

Therefore, you will review Patagonia’s activism and corporate social responsibility initiatives and identify potential key financial performance indicators (KPIs).

Because Patagonia is a privately held company, its financial records are not available in the public domain. So, you are required to analyze the mission, vision, values, CSR initiatives, and financial records of the health and beauty company you work for as well as the company you chose in Module One. You will then deduce which financial key performance indicators likely align with a company’s mission, vision, values, and CSR initiatives.


To complete this assignment:

  1. Review the resources you will be using in Project Two: Assessing Financial Performance.
  2. Review information related to Patagonia’s corporate social responsibility and activism, as well as their mission, vision, and values. Use the following resources to help guide your research:
  3. Based on your review of the financial records of the health and beauty company as well as the company you chose in Module One, identify common financial KPIs and explain how these could also align with Patagonia’s CSR initiatives and its mission, vision, and values.
  4. Based on your review of Patagonia’s information, describe how CSR activism can lead to a better brand image and financial results.
  5. Explain what the health and beauty company could do to incorporate CSR activism strategies to meet its own KPIs.

Guidelines for Submission

In a Word document, use double-spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. This consulting report should be 2 pages in length and include references cited in APA format. Consult the Shapiro Library APA Style Guide for more information on citations.


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