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sales management final assignment urgent


Font Style: Times New Roman

Font Size: 12 point for body and 14 point for Headings

Line Spacing: 1.5

Margin: 2.54cm (One inch) on all the sides

Page Number : At the bottom right hand corner of each page

Colour: All words should be in black colour

15) Students who will fail to submit their assignment as per the deadline given are required to make an online appeal along with the valid excuses as the guidelines which will be announced through the college website or e-learning portal within three days from the date of submission deadline.


  (Suggested time: 48 hours) 

Instructions: Read and analyze each case carefully. Answer all the questions. 

Case 1:    10 Marks each

The owner of ABC Company in Oman is motivating his sales people with good compensation and rewarding methods every period of time. The team was formed with a good skilled sales people from different backgrounds and places. They were in this company away from their families and always were in trips to finish their sales duties .However, one of the ways used by the manager is giving a bonus for the team when they reach the target sat monthly. This method was affective but one of the sales people used to say that he miss his family and the bonus is not affective as much as giving a holiday to travel and see his family.

The manager of the company said that is will be difficult to give holidays because they are having a shortage in the number of employees. The team continued to work with good skills and they were motivated but this month they did not reach the target sat. The manager called up a meeting to check why they didn’t reach their target and they found that the employee who was demanding the holiday was the reason behind the failure of reaching the target.

1- From the decision of the manager about the compensation, what do you think of the manager decision? If you were in the place of this manager, what are the benefits planned by you? ( min 150 words / 5 marks)

2- What was the reason behind the failure if reaching target. How can you solve this problem as a sales manager? ( min 150 words / 5 marks)

  Case No 2:   10 Marks 

Ms. Shaima was in the process of establishing a new small company in Muscat, the company is mainly manufacturing cosmetics, makeup skincare products and perfumes. She tried to minimize the costs as much as she can and tried to get the cheapest sources for equipment’s and for labor. Her idea was to start the business with minimizing the costs and maximizing the profit and sales. Ms. Shaima was seeking for employees and posted an ad on Facebook with a lower payment. Ms. Shaima was happy because she got sales people with lower cost and they accepted the offer posted on Facebook. She did not focus on choosing experienced sales people and did not conduct any interviews because this will cost more. 

They started the business and they produced the first batch of Cosmetics and she sent the sales people to make contracts with other companies and trying to sell large quantities of products. The sales were slaw in the first few months and the manager hoped that coming months will be better. Moreover, she decided to send her employees for training.

1- If you are a manager, will you do the same way of recruitment? Suggest different ways of recruitment, and what are the different sources you will choose? Justify your answer. ( min 150 words / 5 marks)

2- Give your opinion of the statement in the case when Ms. Shaima’s said that her main goal is to maximize the profit and minimize the costs . Do you agree or not? Justify your opinion. ( min 150 words / 5 marks)


Case No 3:   10 Marks   

The world is facing new pandemic of COVID19 and many businesses are affected by this situation. The manager of ABC Company based in Oman mainly depends on sales people in selling products and making deals. Most of the times, the employee approaches customers with broachers and many offers and try to make good conversation and persuade the customer to buy. The manager of the company made a decision that all the direct selling will stop and assured his team members that everything is under control and he made this decision because he care about the safety of his employees. However, followed this decision, the manager mentioned strictly that he can’t handle the expenses of the company so he will not be able to pay their salaries till the situation ends.

One of the employees mentioned that he got loans from the bank and he got family expenses so its difficult for him to accept the decision of NO WORK , NO PAY

Eventually, the manager said it’s out of his hand and he will not give them salaries as there is no sales in the company and they were under budget and can’t handle the expenses of salaries.

1- From the situation of No WORK NO PAY, how can you solve this problem if you were a sales manager? What are the different alternatives will you give to help your company and employees? ( min 150 words / 5 marks)

2- Do you think that Sales Management and work in organizations will be changed after COVID19? Give your opinion ( min 150 words / 5 marks)

Case No 4   10 Marks

Ahmed is a hardworking salesperson , selling different types of perfumes with different names and brands. He gets commission for each time he sells and it motivates him to sale more and more. Ahmed thought that if he can persuade the customer to immediately buy, he will have more sales and his boss will be proud and thankful. His approach was to give more information about the perfume and forcing customers to come and try his perfumes. Some of the customers were annoyed by his way but he continued fetching. He said that the ingredients were imported from France and its along lasting perfume. Sometimes he is manipulating and mixing perfumes to attract customers and eventually he gives another one .Ahmed’s goal was to get more sales and at the end of the day he actually reach his target and he gets more than what he expected. He continued to do this selling approach and after three months the sales decreased and he was wondering why.

1- Give your opinion about Ahmed’s selling approach. Suggest different types of selling approaches for sales people ( min 150 words / 5 marks)

2- Give your opinion and justify why the sales declined with Ahmed after 3 months of good sales ( min 150 words / 5 marks)

Case No 5    10 Marks

The Global AB Company located in Oman is selling electronic equipment’s and focusing on training its employees to perform well with the customers, the company started its business in Oman 10 years ago and faced many challenges in the beginning to position itself in the market and to gain a big market share. The company believes that spending money on training its sales people will result of a good communication with customers and will get more profit. One of the training methods done by the company is to give seminars on selling electronic equipment by “canned talk” and by giving a structured way of information to the customers. However, the company faced some challenges in the past few years after the global crises and after facing many competitors entering the Omani markets.

1- From your opinion, explain the benefit of emphasizing training on sales people. What are the different types of training? Which one do you think is better and why? (Min 150 words / 5 marks)

2- Express the advantages and disadvantages of “canned talk” do you think this method is affective for this business or no? Justify your answer. (Min 150 words / 5 marks)

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