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For my term paper topic regarding team performance improvement, I would like to discuss embracing diversity and inclusion. Embracing diversity and inclusion is an important aspect to leadership and management of a team. Diversity management is the key to development in any organization or team. Organizations and teams cannot and should not try to hide behind a lack of cultural intelligence. We must embrace diversity if we want to be successful and create a positive atmosphere within an organization and team. This can be accomplished by changing he was we think, act, and how we innovate. Embracing diversity is not just about meeting a quota; embracing diversity is a necessary ethical based leadership skill that can improve team performance in any organization or setting. For a leader, diversity and inclusion management is a vital ethically based professional leadership skill that can help a team be successful and experience a sense of fulfillment. I am an Officer in the Florida Army National Guard (FLARNG) and have been a member of the FLARNG for almost 14 years. As leaders in the FLARNG, we are called to bridge the gap to authenticity and change the mindset of the individual and organizations to maximize potential. “A reality where diversity is so much more than a quota, and where the true potential of our organizations is reached only when our best and brightest people are allowed to shine and prosper” (Bruggeman, 2017). I have worked with teams where embracing diversity and being inclusive towards all members of the team was not practiced. Team performance and individuals suffered, and no one felt a sense of psychological safety. If diversity would have been embraced I personally would not have been separated from the team and the differences in opinion would not have had an impact on my or the other team leaders’ professional career. It is my goal to use my personal experiences to not only implement embracing diversity and inclusion in order to improve team performance and moral no only in the military but all teams I become a part of. “Diversity is a recognizable source of creativity and innovation that can provide a basis for competitive advantage. On the other hand, diversity is also a cause of misunderstanding, suspicion and conflict in the workplace that can result in absenteeism, poor quality, low morale and loss of competitiveness,” (Bassett-Jones, 2005). To mitigate conflict and misunderstandings we must educate ourselves on the importance of embracing diversity and inclusion. Embracing diversity and inclusion is vital to improving team performance and ethical management.


Bassett-Jones, N. (2005). The Paradox of Diversity Management, Creativity and Innovation. Creativity and Innovation Management,14(2), 169-175. doi:10.1111/j.1467-8691.00337.x

Bruggeman, M. B. (2017, December 20). Embracing Diversity, on the Battlefield and in the Boardroom. Retrieved October 29, 2018, from

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