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Chapters 3 & 4 present a lot of culture, history, and life lessons.

Write a commentary, In your commentary:

  1. Make a claim about which characteristics of testimonio literature provide a complex portrayal of culture, history, and life lessons, or not.
  • In your commentary, you may include arguments – backed up by evidence from the text, on the following questions:
  1. What does Caribbean culture consists of, according to Reyita?
  2. Look at the word choice, and the specific aspects of culture that are in the text. Are there specific adjectives, verbs, and tone in the text?
  3. Are there specific cultural events/rituals, that relate to an overall theme? What does the theme reveal or how does the theme limit Caribbean identities? Examples of themes: death, rebirth, diversity, motherhood, other themes listed here.
  4. What is one life lesson that you gathered from chapter 4? How is the life lesson presented in the text: with sarcasm, gloom, nostalgia, or another tone? Other tones listed here
  5. Briefly present your overall impression of the testimonio genre–what did you learn about this genre of literature, and what impact did the genre have on you, as a reader? 

As always, include one discussion question that relates specifically to the reading.

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