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this is an AMERICAN CINEMA class

this is an AMERICAN CINEMA class

Here’s a clarification of how I want the Critical Essay to be submitted.  I’d like a copy via email as I always need the digital copy.  It should be double spaced with your name and section at the top left.  Observe the required page number and if you use anything, including quotes, from the texts or articles, cite them within the body of the paper and on a Works Cited page.  You don’t need to use MLA style if you’re already familiar with or are required to use another style such as APA for another course.  But this is not a research paper and I’m looking for your analysis and opinion of a film or films we’ve seen in class or that are on the required or recommended lists I’ve already provided for you.  You can discuss just one element of a film or compare films but I recommend that you stay narrow.  For example, you can write about The Grapes of Wrath and how it clearly depicts the suffering that many people endured during The Great Depression.  Or how deep focus was used in Citizen Kane by Welles and Toland to illustrate the relationships between characters or to set a mood and atmosphere that also help us to understand the narcissistic and obsessive-compulsive nature of Kane.  Or how Casablanca represents the the glory of the Hollywood Classical Studio System at its sometimes accidental best.

8 to 10 pages 


i need it in 12 hr


pls do not write a review i need analysis and opinion of a film


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