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two 400 words essay mla style

two 400 words essay mla style

1.  Given that “music can be defined as the shaped sound between silences: the better the shape, the richer and more pleasing the sound,” consider this question: What kind of “shape” does the western classical piece “Ode to Joy” by Beethoven make compared to the shape the rap song “Love of My Life: (An Ode to Hip-Hop)” by Common makes? (Both works should be available for free online.) In other words, what kinds of elements of sound and silence does each piece try to shape to maximum effect in its style of music? Where are they different? Where are they similar?  


Choose one image from early “realistic” methods of artistic representation and one image from later “art of alteration” and analyze the following:

  • How do the artists’ methods differ from each other?
  • What kind of truth does each work try to achieve?
  • What methods is each artist using to create this kind of truth?

Be sure to reference details from the pieces of art you choose to analyze.

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