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Hello, please think about a project to do for the presentation.  The presentation will be individual or group; 15 minutes per person (group of 2 = 30 min); .  Please respond to this discussion with your team, if you have one, and your topic.  Please remember a project lasts a definite amount of time such as 6 months and has the below areas that would represent at least the minimum for your presentation. 


Time Line

Cost / Budget

Communication Plan




Lessons Learned

Example – The project management team is going to create a new membership process, that will look at onboarding new members for all divisions within the company.  It will include only the new members in the United States.  It will look a new technologies, new compliance regulations, and new policies and procedures. ……..

You do not want it to be too big, such as opening up a new business or to vague like improving customer service. Put down some ideas and we can modify them to fit for a small project.  

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