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Writing Assignment

Company Overview 


In this assignment, the first component of your course project, you will begin your company analysis by researching and providing background information on the publicly traded company you have selected. Consult resources such as MSN Money and Yahoo! Finance for information. You should also consult the company 10-K report for relevant details. 


Write a 2-3 page introduction to your company including the following: 

• Describe your publicly traded company. Provide the name, size, and location of the company. What type of organizational structure does it have? 

• Describe the industry. Where does the company fit in the industry? Is it a major player? A newcomer? 

• Analyze the current macroeconomic environment for the industry as a whole.  o Where does the company fit in relation to that economic environment? 

o How has the macroeconomic environment changed over the last five years? How will it change over the next five years? 

o Consider factors such as GDP, inflation, unemployment, economic growth, and so on. 

Organize your assignment logically with appropriate headings and subheadings. Support your work with at least three scholarly or professional resources and follow APA guidelines for your citations and references.


Additional Requirements 

• Include a title page and reference page. 

• Include 3-4 pages, not counting title page and reference page. 

• Use at least three scholarly or professional resources. 

•     Use APA format for citations and references. 

• Set your assignment in Times New Roman, 12 pt., double spaced.  


• Company Overview Scoring Guide.

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